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Life Support Group

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Life support by medical definition is defined as countless medical strategies that's aimed at keeping a person alive long enough until their body is ready to take over again by stepping in as a temporary replacement for body functions that are failing until the body can recover and resume as normal. This is what I longed for in the area of my soul after suffering painful blows of life! I searched everywhere to find a group that could help me heal, but nothing was offering the right fit.

I finally found help and now I want you to have the same experience!

Welcome to Life Support~ Where resuscitative conversations take place!

The Lord has trained me for this Life Support Group and I will provide biblical based strategies that's centered on keeping you alive long enough until your soul is recovered, you’re spiritually awakened, and finally have the motivation to take over your life again!


How do you know if this group is for you?:

 Are areas in your life failing? Have you lost your reason? Have you suffered trauma that has left you with emotional injuries? Are you believing God for a miracle that you’ll wake up again? This Group is for you!

You will receive further information upon the completion of your registration.



Registration: $5.00

Next Meeting:

June 18, 2024 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Downtown ACPL

The Globe Room

Life Support Group Registration

Thank you for registering for the Life Support Group!

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