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Sincerely God Shop
Jesus Purposed Assignments & Stewardship Planner

Sincerely God Shop

“He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” Ps. 107:20

About The Owner/Author

                                                             Hello! My name is Crystal Billingsley and I’m elated that you have taken the time to                                                                     stop by my shop! I have always had a passion to write since 2008 and when the Lord

                                                             revealed to me in 2017 that I carried a Scribe anointing, my desire to write His

                                                             thoughts began to stir very strong. I began to write books and became ecstatic

                                                             about my personal devotional time even more with the Father. He would pour out His

                                                             thoughts and I would try to write as fast as I could to record each one on paper. One

                                                             night I had a dream of myself in my home office looking at my desk. There, sitting on top of the desk, were mason jars filled with scrolls. The room was only lit with a flickering candle and I could feel Jesus in the room. He began to tell me that these jars carried affirmations and inspirational responses to the prayers of His people. In the dream, I opened the jar and the scrolls were wet. The Lord told me that the scrolls were wet from the people’s tears.

I then woke up and quickly recorded this dream in my notebook…

 A few years later this dream came to manifestation called Sincerely God Shop! 

The Lord gave me instructions to create innovative items; such as journals, planners, workbooks and more with direct affirmations to the prayers of His people. I followed His instructions and wanted to test this new innovative glory! So, I took a simple jar to work and had people pull out one message. As people began to read their notes, all of a sudden, people would begin to feel overwhelmed with joy and comfort! The expressions and responses consisted of remarks like “I needed this!” “Wow!” some would even cry from the presence of God comforting them like a blanket and most importantly, some would be in awe to know that God expressed His concern about them. This jar became their everyday visit during their work day! As I began to create more jars, the Lord gave me more creative items to carry messages and I’m so excited to share His ideas with you!

I get chills during these moments of creating these innovative Heavenly pieces and I know that God is serious about making His presence known in the place we call life. Sincerely God Shop is about capturing pieces of Heaven on earth so you can have access to affirmations to your prayers and thoughts no matter where you are in life.

I encourage you to explore the shop and fill your home with the Lord’s response to your everyday thoughts.



Crystal Billingsley 

Crystal Billingsley - Owner of Soul Suite 412 & Sincerely God Shop
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