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Coach Crystal

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Certified Right Brain Therapy Practitioner & Mind Management Coach

Building Self Confidence | Reveal True Identity | Develop Strong Values

Quick Service Descriptions

I'm here to help you get YOU back.

If you see something that meets the needs of you, your marriage, or your family...Book It. I'll see you in the room.

Discovery call

The aim of this call is to offer a one on one conversation that invites  perspective clients to learn about their challenges and identify products, programs, or services that could be a solution.

listening Call

Why book a call?

1. Experiencing communication barriers.

2. Prevent emotional responses that could lead to a lifetime of regret.

3. Prevent emotions from being your green light.

4. Break out of limited thinking.

5. Shift from how you see things and get an outside perspective.

the tailor-made suite package

The aim is to break or make habits within 66 days by focusing on key areas of limited Right Brain Therapy (RBT) and repair within a strategic number of sessions.


"Each week I had gained so much information that I needed so much. Well needed information that I was blessed with each week. The first week I was basically focused on
as a woman, how do I feel? When I first heard that, my mind was racing. I had never thought about how I feel as a woman. My focus was always on how others were and how they were feeling. Not knowing that I was forgetting about myself in the midst of doing that. I also learned what kind of thinker I was. 
With all that being said the 4 weeks really was worth it I would do it all over again if I could."


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